The Iowa Elites team, founded in 2010 by Johnny Hines @hovercrafthines, is all about bringing complete video coverage of anything High School sports, featuring athletes nation-wide but with a focus on Midwest talent.

Darrell Coleman & Eric Hines are major contributors to the Iowa Elites team, and we take pride in providing complete coverage of any kind of event.

The IAElites Team is all about helping the kids. We’re here to help kids get exposure that are trying to play at the next level.

We focus on the athletes we feel need to be put on the map. If you or an athlete you know are interested in being featured in our Iowa Elites video gallery, visit our contact us page.

At Iowa Elites we:

- Deliver the quality results we achieved through many years of experience
- Guarantee a full refund if we don’t meet your expectations. No questions asked
- Offer 24/7 customer support if you ever need any help
- Years of experience and network of nation wide-viewers.
- All of our videos get sent to over 2,000+ YouTube subscribers and over 2,800+ Twitter followers.
- Everyday we are in contact with major universities and media outlets. We can help put you on the map!