Reid Travis 2013 Summer Mixtape

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Uploaded on 30 August, 2013

Reid Travis (#40 ESPN 100), 6’8 power forward out of De La Salle High School (Minneapolis, MN) is one of the top recruits in his class. He is tough as they come on the basketball court. At 240 pounds, Travis is a straight bully in the paint. His athleticism allows him to be a very effective all-around player. He is a power forward with a point guard’s ball handling skills. Reid was a point guard until his freshman year and has grown taller and stronger every year. He has a very efficient hook shot and has a fadeaway jumper he can rely on occasionally. He can finish well with contact. Travis also has a very good face up game for a power forward. Reid Travis is a double double machine and he is very strong down low. His defense with his athleticism makes him a very special player.
Reid Travis is a two sport high school athlete. He is an excellent high school quarterback and currently has offers from Boston College, Rutgers, Iowa and several Big Ten teams. His high school is going for the three-peat state championship in basketball. The gut feeling is that he will choose basketball over football. He has a very long list of offers for basketball from dozens of powerhouse schools such as Arizona, Michigan State, Minnesota, UCLA, Notre Dame, N.C. State and many more. A Reid Travis that pans out to his full potential is a definite future first round pick and has the potential to be a All-star in the league.

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